OUr messages of hope & Support for a better world

Bridges Not Barriers is non political and non judgemental. We don't seek to blame or take sides, only to foster dialogue, solidarity, tolerance and understanding - echoing and amplifying the sentiment of growing numbers of young people around the world. It is based on Christian values but is for all faiths or those of no faith.  

This new section seeks to gather messages of hope from around the world. By keeping the messages short and simple, people can carry them in their heads, their hearts or their pockets!


In addition to our blog, we hope that we can collect short messages of hope from around the world to inspire everyone with a vision for a better future to share their inspiration. If you have a vision for the future you'd like to share, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. 


Sometimes a message of hope needs no more than a picture. 
This is from Gaza.

REMEMBER THOSE for whom silence is not a choice

The West, The First World, call ourselves what we will, has completely lost perspective. This is going on in America, we're tearing ourselves apart socially and politically in the UK... meanwhile in Aleppo, Mosul, Yemen, Gaza, The West Bank, Zimbabwe... I need not go on.
Next Sunday is Remembrance Day when we rightly remember those who have died for our peace and security. But we'd do better to remember them through our actions, domestically and internationally, every day instead of squandering our hard fought freedom and at the same time remember those who have no voice - in our own countries and around the World - for whom silence is not a choice for two minutes each year.
We enrich ourselves and others when we build bridges diminish everyone when we put up barriers.
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