Simon Bennett FRSA

Simon is the founder of Bridges Not Barriers, inspired after several trips to the Middle East. Following his last visit, as a member of an international coordination of Catholic and Anglican Bishops, he said: "My trip to the Middle East was mind blowing, illuminating, depressing, uplifting, inspiring and frightening all at the same time. What I did come away from it with was an overwhelming sense that the young people I met still had hope for the future and a determination that the situations which have led them to be in the circumstances they are in - refugees or incarcerated in an effectively open air prison which is what Gaza is -  they are not prepared to allow to continue if they have anything to do with it. But they are unsure how they can have anything to do with it."
Simon is an award winning author, writer and hotelier. he has been a school governor for fourteen years and has a passion for seeing education extend beyond the classroom. He lives in Cumbria with his wife, Wendy and their two children, Oliver, 17 and Emily, 15.

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